In January, our long-term partner and client, ReviewPro company, merged with the global international company Shiji. It will help them to come to new international levels. Also, a new module Guest Satisfaction Surveys (GSS) was developed with the active participation of our company engineers.

In March, ProfITsoft takes part in the round table organized by MTIBU, "Actual issues of the Electronic Policy introduction in Ukraine" and presents the possibilities of the integrated automation system of the insurance company for work with MTIBU within the framework of the Electronic Policy.

At the invitation of "Insurance TOP" magazine, ProfITsoft took part in the Annual Presentation devoted to summing up the results of the insurance market of Ukraine. Within the framework of the presentation, the Ceremony of awarding Industry Leaders for 2016 was held.

In April ProfItsoft team visited ReviewPro head office in Barcelona (Spain). The working trip was a fruitful exchange of experience in the work on projects. ReviewPro team arrived in Kharkov with a return visit in May. Particularly the partners noted a development process organization in ProfITsoft.
In February, “ProfITsoft” took part in the 12th International Carpathian Insurance Conference.

In March, the agreement on the set up of the complex automatisation system is going to be signed with one of the fastest growing insurance companies in Ukraine IC “Zdorovo”

In April, integrated information system «ISS FFU. Version 2.0», which has been developed for the Football Federation of Ukraine, launching into commercial use and phase II of this project begins - implementation of additional functionality for automation of "Premier League" processes and the development of the main functionality of the system
In January ProfITsoft organizes regular internship. As a result of it almost all the graduates got and offer to undergo training in the company

In the beginning of the year the company takes an active part in the work of the Coordinating Council of the Cluster of information and communication technologies «Kharkiv-IT»

At the request of the National Commission, which oversees non-bank financial institutions, ProfITsoft conducts an independent audit of the Commission`s IT infrastructure (a comprehensive analysis of the situation with the IT infrastructure, in particular, analysis of the software that is used).

In February ProfITsoft takes part in the XI International Carpathian Conference, which is traditionally held in Yaremcha

In March NETWORK-OFFICE system is launched in "AsisGroup" company

In April the development for of the most fast-growing startup in Europe («ReweiPro» company) starts

In May the contract with "Kharkiv municipal insurance company" is signed and the implementation of complex automation system for insurance company starts.

In summer ProfITsoft in cooperation with Strikersoft actively implements several outsourcing projects using such technologies as JBoss Fuse, JBoss Drools, ActiveMQ, Apache Karaf, Apache Camel, Apache CXF, OSGI, Activity, FreeMarker

In the autumn, the company took part in several events in the Ukrainian insurance market, including “Outsourcing for insurance companies and financial market participants”

Since October, “ProfITsoft”, in partnership with the company “CTS”, is developing a system that allows contactless payments via mobile phones and NFC technology. When developing this system, they use technologies such as Java, OSGi, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Spring MVC, BackBone, JBoss Fuse.

By the end of the year, a cooperation agreement is planning to be signed with the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman. Under this agreement, “ProfITsoft” is providing Kyiv National Economic University with license for one of their products – an integrated automation system for insurance company, a technical platform where the system will be placed with all the essential teaching materials for training. It is planned to cooperate in two directions: use this product in laboratory work for university students, as well as organize seminars / courses / trainings for teaching employees from various insurance companies how to work with the integrated automation system and getting corresponding certification on the results of learning.
In February ProfITsoft in cooperation with Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics and the German company «VData» starts to take part in development of integrated information system financed by FIFA for the Football Federation of Ukraine.

company takes part in the Jubilee X Carpathian Insurance Conference

On April 25, 2014, contract on the overall automation of "MSK" - one of the largest insurance companies in Kharkiv - was signed. The contract was signed by IC "MSK" after a detailed study of the market of insurance companies automation systems and six months of negotiations. On April 28, training for the insurance company employees to operate the system started at the office of comnany "ProfITsoft

In May the agreement was signed and software implementation process began with training employees of insurance company "UNIVES" to work with the system.

As usual in August ProfITsoft celebrates birthday with kayaking, tents, kulesh and excellent mood. A year increase in the number of employees amounted to 12 persons, and 21 projects are in the active stage of the implementation and maintenance.

In September company Takes part in the VI International Forum "Innovations. Investments. Kharkiv Initiatives!"

ProfITsoft is launching the implementation of several small projects in cooperation with the company Strikersoft for European customers
In June 2013 it was decided to create a separate team that would specialize in outsourcing the eVorsorge.de project to a separate company 100% of which will be owned by VData Software-Entwicklung GmbH.

n July 2013 ProfITsoft, LLC became the partner of the 10th Soccer Super Cup of Ukraine held at Chernomorets Stadium in Odessa.

In August 2013 the shareholders of ProfITsoft, LLC approved the decision to actively enter the outsourcing software development market. A comprehensive two-year plan was presented to meet this objective, which provided for the expansion of the company's staff and attracting up to ten outsourcing projects before the end of 2013.

In September 2013 the company took part in the XIII International Yalta Forum of Participants of Insurance Market as a partner. The General Director of the company, Aleksandr Petrychenko, was a speaker at the conference and presented with "Reporting on IFRS Standards. Foreseeing Potential Problems".

On October 2013 an agreement with Strikersoft company, whose head office is located in Sweden, was signed. Under this agreement joint implementation of several Java projects is scheduled.

On November our company took an active part in the international forum "Kharkiv-IT": General Director of the company Aleksandr Petrychenko took part in the work of the jury of the competition of innovative projects in sphere of information-communication technologies "IT-KHARKIV" (superfinal) which was held in the framework of this forum, two reports were renresetned by ProfITsoft.

After a detailed study the complex system of insurance company automation of the working group of the insurance company, which was held within two months, an agreement for the supply of integrated IT-solution was signed in December 2013 (At the XIII International Yalta Finance Forum Insurance Company "Illichivske" won the drawing of discount for buying the system of ProfITsoft. The drawing took place during the closing ceremony of the Forum at the request of the organizers, among the companies, which are partners of the forum for more than five consecutive years).

Since December ProfITsoft has the second university-parnter. It is Kharkiv national University of Economics. The decision on the partnership was formalized in the framework of the two treaties. The subject of the treaties is cooperation on the preparation of a specialized course on accounting systems and insurance management for students of KhNUE (the course in the practical part will be based on application of the complex system of insurance company automation, which is being developed by ProfITsoft) as well as providing students of KhNUE with places for internship. The best students will get an offer of employment as employees of Department of analytics, support and maintenance of own products ProfITsoft.
In March 2012 a meeting was held in Berlin between the management of Provita IC and the management of VData Software-Entwicklung GmbH. In the course of the meeting the parties discussed the results of cooperation and further plans to develop BACK-OFFICE and FRONT-OFFICE systems.

In July 2012 the process of integrating insurance products of Zurich Versicherung and NÜRNBERGER Versicherung into eVorsorge system commenced.

In August 2012 ProfITsoft celebrated its 10th anniversary.

In September 2012 the company took part in the XII International Yalta Forum of Participants of Insurance Market with the report by the Commercial Director of the Company Aleksandr Petrychenko on "Automating Insurance Company during Crisis".

As of November 01, 2012 implementation of complex solution on automation of the insurance company based on FRONT-OFFICE and BACK-OFFICE systems commenced for Kiev Insurance House, JSC.
In February 2011 the process of integrating insurance products of Württembergische Versicherung and Stuttgarter Versicherung into eVorsorge system commenced.

As of March 2011 the partner of Universalna Insurance Company, CJSC - OKKO gas station chain, commenced the use of FRONT-OFFICE system.

As of April 2011 the first stage of implementation for Universalna Insurance Company, CJSC was launched for commercial use.

In April, testing of automated data upload to MTIBU for BACK-OFFICE system was launched, which provided for transfer of data to the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine with just one click instead of by exporting a file system and manually uploading it to the MTIBU CDB.

In September, the anniversary edition of "Insurance Company" magazine featured an article by the General Director of the company, Anton Starovoytov, on automation of reporting to MTIBU.

In October, the General Director of the company, Anton Starovoytov, took part in the red carpet reception dedicated to the German Unity Day, organized by Klaus Zillikens, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany with participation of Dr. Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine.
In January 2010 leading employees of the company attended the seminar on SCRUM project management; afterwards, it was decided to implement it in the company.

At the end of January, the General Director of the company, Anton Starovoytov, presented as key speaker in the seminar organized by Business Garant consulting company on automation of insurance business.

In February and April 2010 the annexes to the Moscow magazine «Insurance Business» featured two publications by the General Director of the company, Anton Starovoytov, on insurance management and sales of insurance services.

In July 2010 the company purchased and implemented the British ticket tracking system Countersoft Gemini to manage the relations with the clients in the framework of technical support of the systems.

In August 2010 agreement was signed on automating business processes related to insurance activities of Universalna Insurance Company, CJSC.

In October 2010 the traditional annual conference, eVorsorge Tag, was held in Germany and was dedicated to automation of sales of insurance, savings and investment products by financial institutions and agents.
In February the company held a training seminar on complex system of automation of the insurance company "BACK-OFFICE" for Brokbusiness IC, CJSC . The training specifically focused on practical skills related to the financial block and business processes related to claims settlement.

At the end of September agreement was signed on implementation of BACK-OFFICE system at Provita IC, ALC.

At the beginning of October eVorsorge Systems GmbH of VData Group held a seminar to present eVorsorge web portal developed by ProfITsoft for insurance companies and agents in Germany. This seminar was sponsored by life insurance company Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG and took place in its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. At the seminar, the latest technologies and capabilities of web systems related to automation of insurance activities, which have been successfully used by more than 30 German insurance companies and more than 100 agents, were presented.

At the end of October the company moved to its new office in the modern business center "Tetris" at Klochkovska St., Kharkiv.

In December 2009 the company commenced the first in Ukraine implementation of automated life insurance system LIFE-OFFICE; the respective agreement was signed with Brokbusiness Life Insurance company.
In January, PUMB bank commenced the use of FRONT-OFFICE system to conclude collateralized property insurance contracts of ASKA UASK, CJSC.

At the beginning of February the agreement on implementation of FRONT-OFFICE system for Kyivska Rus Insurance Company, CJSC and the agreement on implementation of complex solution based on FRONT-OFFICE and BACK-OFFICE systems for Brokbusiness IC, CJSC were signed.

In March the company held a training seminar on FRONT-OFFICE system for Provita IC, ALC, and in May – for Brokbusiness IC, CJSC. Each training seminar was attended by approximately 50 employees of each of the mentioned insurance companies from all regions of Ukraine. After the presentation of the speakers, all participants had the opportunity to work with the system under the guidance of experienced trainers from ProfITsoft and fulfill the tasks of their daily work. After the training, those employees who had successfully passed the exam, were awarded ProfITsoft Certificates to confirm their respective qualification as users of the system.

In May, NETWORK-OFFICE system was implemented at Millennium Investments, LLC.

The company takes part in the VIII International Yalta Forum of Participants of Insurance Market and the II International Insurance Market IT Conference.

In November, the company launched for commercial use the new web portal of Provita IC, ALC that featured an online insurance products store and Bankofon bank card payment system.

In November, independent web portal "CMTPL-ONLINE" was launched for commercial use; it was designed for automation of sales of CMTPL policies by insurance companies and agents.

In December, implementation of the first stage of the BACK-OFFICE system for Brokbusiness IC, CJSC and implementation of NETWORK-OFFICE system for ALFI MANAGEMENT GROUP, LLC were completed.
In February 2007, Mikhail Fedorovich Bondarenko, Rector of Kharkiv National Technical University of Radio Electronics visited the parent company of ProfITsoft, LLC - VData Software-Entwicklung GmbH in Munich, Germany. During this visit, the parties discussed the positive results of four years of cooperation between ProfITsoft and VData GmbH and the University of Radio Electronics, and made the decision to extend the Agreement on Cooperation until 2012.

eVorsorge.de portal launched calculation modules for insurance products of Ideal, Neue Leben and R+V companies.

FRONT-OFFICE web-based information system was implemented at ASKA UASK, CJSC and Provita IC, ALC.

The company took part in the VII International Yalta Forum of Participants of Insurance Market. In the framework of the forum's theme, i.e. presentation of the Germany insurance market, the General Director of ProfITsoft A.G. Starovoytov presented his report on "Application of the German Experiences in Automation of Sales Networks on the Ukrainian Market".

The company took part in the I International Insurance Market IT Conference organized by the Institute for Strategic Economic Research with the support of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine and Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine.
In 2006, the company implemented a new motivation program to include long-term savings life insurance for employees.

In January, FRONT-OFFICE system was launched for commercial use at TAS Insurance Group, CJSC.

Work on ePensio.de portal, a joint project of eVorsorge.de, HypoVereinsbank Pension Consult GmbH and Institut für Wirtschaftsmathematik GmbH, is commenced.

The company entered the Ukrainian market with yet another product – web-based accounting system for MLM companies, NETWORK-OFFICE. In April, a license agreement with AssisTAS, LLC was signed, and in August the system was launched for commercial use.
eVorsorge.de portal launched calculation modules for insurance products of Allianz, LV1871, AXA, Continentale and DBV-Winterthur.

 TAS Insurance GroupThe company entered the Ukrainian market with web-based information system for insurance companies, FRONT-OFFICE, based on the German version of eVorsorge.de Portal system. In July, a license agreement with TAS Insurance Group, CJSC was signed..
In a very short period of time, the VBL-Ablösung front-office system was developed for Deutsche Lufthansa group.

eVorsorge.de portal was expanded by calculation modules for insurance products of Victoria, Canada Life, Standard Life, Bayerische Beamten and Dialog.

Work on back-office system of DeferredCompensation-Verwaltung commenced.
eVorsorge.de Portal system was launched for commercial use. It included calculation modules for insurance products of Gothaer, Gerling, Generali and Alte Leipziger.

Work on in-house project management system «TheSystem» was initiated. .

In record-breaking period of time, front-office system UK-Cityline for the subsidiary Lufthansa Cityline was developed.

Work on back-office system Unterstützungskasse-Verwaltung was commenced

Cooperation agreement with Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics was signed. The company helped the university open the Internet Technologies Laboratory.
The company completed its first project – web system for project management for collaborative work of insurance companies.

Financial calculators with respect to German insurance and banking products were developed for VData.de portal.

In Cologne, VData GmbH company (50%) and Albatros Versicherungsdienste GmbH insurance agency (50%) of Deutsche Lufthansa group established a joint company, eVorsorge Finanzservice und Pensionsmanagement GmbH, in order to render intermediary services in life insurance sector. Work on front-office system for managing sales of insurance products eVorsorge.de Portal was commenced.
7 August,2002
The executive board of Kharkiv City Council of Kharkivska Oblast registered Limited Liability Company ProfITsoft under # 32133222 at the following address: 61145, Kharkiv, Kosmicheskaya St. 21, office 603.