ProfITsoft is a product-outsourcing company which provides, develops, supports own software and also provides outsourcing software development using java-stack technology. ProfITsoft has variuos partners which help in those areas in which they are professionals. For example, our company with universities-partners implement joint programs for the training of professional and specialized personnel for our company, with IT software development companies, whose head office is in other countries, ProfITsoft jointly implement various projects in software development or partner companies offices provide communication with clients who are in this country, etc. The list of our partners with brief description of the essence of the partnership programs is below.

KNURE - university-partner. In April 2003, the cooperation agreement with Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics was signed.
In accordance with this agreement ProfITsoft sponsored the creation of the for "Internet Technologies" Laboratory at KNURE. Also, each year the company is recruiting students for additional training courses under a special program. A group is formed from the best KNURE students on a competitive selection basis. Based on the results of this course, the best students are accepted for internship in the company and afterwards are employed by the company on the full-time basis. Further development of cooperation with the University of Radio Electronics was signified by opening a branch of the department of Information Management Systems in the company. Opening a branch of the department has further strengthened the cooperation between ProfITsoft and KNURE in the areas of training the specialists, including internship for students, training of teachers, etc.

KNUE - university-partner. Since December ProfITsoft has the second university-parnter. It is Kharkiv National University of Economics.
The decision on the partnership was formalized in the framework of the two treaties. The subject of first treaty is cooperation on the preparation of a specialized course on accounting systems and insurance management. The course in the practical part is based on application of the complex system of insurance company automation, which is being developed by ProfITsoft. Under the second treaty ProfITsoft provides students of KhNUE with places for internship. The best students get an offer of employment as employees of Department of analytics, support and maintenance of own products ProfITsoft.

Kyiv National Economic University. In 2015, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman.. Under this agreement “ProfITsoft” provided Kyiv National Economic University with license for one of its products – an integrated automation system for insurance company, a technical platform where the system will be placed with all the essential teaching materials for training. It is planned to cooperate in two directions: use this product in laboratory work for university students, as well as organize seminars / courses / trainings for teaching employees from various insurance companies how to work with the integrated automation system and getting ccorresponding certification on results of learning.