Project management solutions related to software development

Project management system for IT company "TheSystem" is designed to automate business processes related to software development and support.

ProfITsoft has been committed to Agile software development methodology from the very beginning of its existence and has spent a lot of time on automating its own business processes related to software development and further support. As time went on, these efforts evolved into stand-alone project management product - "TheSystem".

Key functions of the system:

  • data base for projects, teams and project groups
  • ability to assign tasks to developers and monitor execution status
  • accounting for errors in projects and controlling the status of their elimination
  • providing the developers with information about the tasks assigned to them for development while taking into consideration the priority level of their implementation
  • providing up-to-date information to the manager about the tasks-in-progress of the developers and their workload
  • accounting for, execution and analysis of the statistics time spent with respect to the developer and the project
  • support for Scrum practices (sprints, Scrum-board, Burndown)
  • company in-house news feed
  • automated project compilation with a server installation tool