Clients' Reviews

After rephrasing the oriental wisdom "Let your business speak for you" into "Let your clients speak for you" we are pleased to present here our clients' reviews of our systems' implementation and maintenance in their companies.

Yuriy Skakun

Chairman of the Board of Directors of ODO "MSK" Yuriy Skakun

In SLC "International Insurance Company" was several implementations of software products for accounting insurance activity. Each new software product was solving our problems, but there are difficulties in dealing with the new once. For us, it has become clear that the appearance of the program or incorporated in it mathematical basis - that's not all, not even the most important thing. One of the main criteria for choosing an accounting program of the insurance activity - is the possibility of adapting it to the finer points of the business process. We have found this opportunity in the software product from the company «ProfITsoft».
We were pleasantly surprised with the software product from the company «ProfITsoft». What yesterday seemed to be a problem for us or task that can’t be solved, implemented clear and understandably. The interaction between the customer and the developer is organized in such a way that at any time you can have control over the execution of the certain tasks. With the implementation of the software product from the company «ProfITsoft» we got a modern tool that allows us to implement our tasks in the development of insurance business.

Natalia Pachkovskaya

Head of budgeting and financial control department FG "UNIVES"

We started cooperating with “ProfITsoft” fairly recently, since 2013. However, during this time all the issues that we encountered have been solved quickly and professionally. For example, we had to do some training when launching sales of insurance products with one of our partner banks on the base of the front-office part of the complex solution from “ProfITsoft” and they quickly prepared necessary presentation materials for us. Thanks to the system, the company was able to achieve high efficiency in obtaining information about the implemented insurance contracts, significant acceleration of the turnover of CTP insurance policies and savings in the state office staff. In addition, worth mentioning, that we jointly have integrated comprehensive system automation of the insurance company with accounting software “1C”, this project was challenging because we had specific requirements for such integration, but no matter what, all sides dealt with it on the highest level.

Ludmila S. Elkina-Starck

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board JSC "IC" Kievskaya Rus"

Our company uses the WEB-based software "FRONT-OFFICE" ProfITsoft for selling our insurance products to AB "Kievskaya Rus" borrowers. In order to optimize the efficiency of IT, we use the software in a mode of SaaS. At the same time, further development of the system was not required, since its functionality allows the customization of insurance products according to customer's requirements. For software implementation, we have provided detailed descriptions of our insurance products for which ProfITsoft prepared terms of technical tasks for each product, where the calculator appearance was submitted as well as the methodology for calculating insurance rates and test cases that we need to be filled. Software implementation project was successfully completed during the agreed time within the approved budget according to the schedule of works.

Vadim N. Zagrebnoy

until December 2011 Chairman of the Board of JSC "IC" Brokbusiness"

The module "Settlement" of the "ProfITsoft BACK-OFFICE" system allowed us to automate the settlement process in the part of running and transferring the case on the stages of the settlement process, which in its turn reduced the time for payment to a client. Full history of changes in any agreement, along with the obligatory attachment of the insured objects' photos, allowed to minimize the fraud risks. It is also necessary to admit the fact that the database of contracts, clients and cases on settlement was transferred out of the old system into the "ProfITsoft BACK-OFFICE" system at the time of its introduction into the company, allowing us to not to lose the accumulated history, to minimize the transition period, avoid simultaneous operation of the two systems and manual data transfer.

Sergey S. Shchipanov

up to September 2008 Advertising and Marketing Director of JSC "UJSIC "ASKA"

Our task was to create a partner portal for our resellers, primarily banks and car dealerships. And we got an offer from the "ProfITsoft" company, but at that time "FRONT-OFFICE" system functionality was not enough for us. We needed a more flexible underwriting, the possibility of agreeing contracts with reinsurance, complex settings for commission and many other functions. Two months after the contract had been signed - and the guys have done the impossible: all our wishes were taken into account and implemented in record terms. I would also like to mention their high professionalism, responsibility and deep systemic approach to solving problems.


up to August 2012 ALC IC "Provita" Director

In our company, all the contracts are entered into a common database system "ProfITsoft FRONT-OFFICE". Due to the built-in checks of data accuracy, the number of agents' errors are significantly reduced; and the possibility for underwriters to view and agree any contract all over Ukraine in online mode as soon as possible has essentially increased the efficiency of both underwriters and sellers. Thanks to online access, our partner banks have a convenient sales tool, and we can see the signed contracts in regions at any time.

Mrs. Annette GUZEK

SIGNAL IDUNA Polska T.U.S.A. Deputy Chairman
up to June 2009 First Deputy Chairman of JSC "Insurance Group "TAS" Board

When we started working with "ProfITsoft" back in 2005, their sales automation system was in a stage of adaptation of the German version to the Ukrainian market. After a series of presentations, which was also attended by the German shareholders of the ProfITsoft company, we have chosen this particular solution. As a result, the system FRONT-OFFICE is now used in all of our sales network, it integrated calculators on 8 retail insurance products, accounting modules of agency agreements and agreement of the vehicles cost are widely used there. We are pleased with the speed of response to our requests for changes; at the same time, it is extremely convenient to be able to monitor the current state of work on our request through a special company Web-forum.